What areas would the City be looking at?

Annexation Study Areas thumbnail

The City has identified several areas to be included in the economic analysis, shown on the map at right. You can click on this map to open a larger PDF file, and also click on each sub-area to open a detailed map for that area.

By evaluating each area individually, the report will present specific findings for each, including the cost of delivering city services and an estimate of revenue to cover those services.  The City is also evaluating the 'do nothing' alternative, to consider the long-term fiscal impact of keeping our existing city boundaries.

Map Gallery

The city's consultant team has prepared the following maps.

- 2015 Annexation Study Area Map (Overview)
- Detailed maps:

- Study Area 1
- Study Area 2
- Study Area 3
- Study Area 4
- Study Area 5
- Study Area 6
- Study Area 7
- Study Area 8
- Study Area 9

Below are some general information maps the City has produced. 

- Aerial Imagery & City Boundaries: 1950    1975    2012
Commercial and Residential Land Supply In City Limits (2015)
- City of Soldotna Water & Sewer Legal Service Area Boundaries
City of Soldotna Water & Sewer Distribution Systems
Zoning Districts Allowing Domesticated Farm Animals
City of Soldotna Current Zoning Map
KPB Tax Authority Areas

To look up basic information about a parcel of land, such as ownership records, transfers, plats, or assessment/valuation information, visit the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s parcel viewer.